Shedenara Siberians is a small show/hobby kennel nestled near Bakersfield, California. What began as a love for dogs, soon bloomed into a passion for the Siberian Husky. We breed on a limited basis and occasionally have puppies available to wonderful homes.

We, at Shedenara, are devoted to the unique and independent nature of the Siberian Husky. We do all that we can to advocate responsible ownership and to help educate the canine community.

CH Zeplin

We believe it is our duty and responsibility to maintain the natural qualities and characteristics that make the Siberian Husky a unique breed. We strongly encourage and adhere to ethical breeding practices and strive for quality Siberians in health, structure, function and temperament; never wanting to sacrifice one over the other. Health screening of potential sires and dams and extensive pedigree research are used when making breeding decisions at Shedenara.

Ryan and Dyellen adopted their first Siberian in 2006, Anara Rose. Anara is everything a Siberian Husky should NOT be. She is the result of a careless breeder with no integrity and breeding ethics. Anara has hip dysplasia, double luxating patellas and was never properly socialized as a puppy; therefore, she is scared of new people and experiences. Around the age of three Anara began to have seizures. We had to say good-bye to Anara on October 25th, 2010. The seizures became just too much for her body. Anara was only 5 years old. 

Past puppy

It is because of Anara that Ryan and Dyellen fell in love with the Siberian and have pledged their lives to help protect and preserve this magnificent breed.  Please do your research and find a reputable breeder. While the initial purchase price may seem high, please don’t let that deter you. Think of it as an investment in not only the health and quality of your new Siberian and a 24/7 relationship with the breeder, but also an investment of the heart. Don’t let your heart be broken by a health issue that could have been prevented or at least an issue you could be aware of and prepared for. Above all else, make sure a Siberian is right for  your family.

We want to say a big thank you to our mentors Glen and Paula Marcy of Huskavarna Siberians in Ohio. They took a large leap of faith  in trusting us with their beautiful puppies.